Monday, February 19, 2007

Little Molly Sunshine

Little Molly Sunshine,

goes about her day,

baking pretty cupcakes,

and putting things away...

Placing little petti-fors,

upon a shiney china plate.

with bows and tiny sprinkles,

and not a minute late...

She wears a lovely tutu,

and pink platform shoes,

yellow gloves and frou-frou,

and always has good news...

With fluffy cotton candy,

she decorates the house,

a bite of swirly chocolate,

she's quiet as a mouse...

Twinkly eyes, heart shaped mouth,

with a 50's attitude,

keeps the house, the kids,the man,

in such a giddy mood...

1 comment:

ShoezyCakes said...

That is too cute! Wish I was as ambitious as she...